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Polka dot vintage markets

I love anything that screams retro & vintage that’s why I absolutely jumped at the chance at my friends Helens invite to the thrice yearly Polka Dot vintage market a few weeks (& then some) back. That & the last … Continue reading

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Thriftshop styling

When I was a teenager I was embarrassed that a lot of our clothes were thrifted but now Im more embarrassed about how I was embarrassed. This was at a time where my parents split & for a few years … Continue reading

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Singapore: Toy story

The last time I was in Singapore (about 3-4 years ago) with my sister Annie. We got lost somewhere around Chinatown; dazed, confused & bitchfighting over the directions on the map when by sheer luck we stumbled into a tiny … Continue reading

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Hippie hippie shake

I have always admired free spirited people & have a major girl crush on actress Isabel Lucas, for one she campaigns against the cruelty of dolphins in Japan & secondly she has that bohemian look which many have tried to … Continue reading

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We built this city… on awesome vintage & cute knick knacks

We built this city on rock n’ rock, the back of a mining boom, on awesome vintage & cute knick knacks (& so much more!!!). I love Perth (except all the roadworks being done at the moment). In my early … Continue reading

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90’s teenager

I have fond memories of being a teenager of the 90’s. Posters of Hanson lined my walls, hypercolour shirts (you know those tye-dyed looking shirts that changed colour with body temperature), fluro slouchy socks (???), wanting to be Alicia Silverstone … Continue reading

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