One giant leap: From cot to toddler bed

Sleeping beauty 1

Well it happened (2 months ago) the moment I had been dreading when this tall cheeky monkey child of mine looped his giraffe legs over the top of his cot to climb out for freedom. He has never been a solid sleeper (sleep I miss you my good friend!) but he had gotten better & now it felt like we were back to square frigging one. Down came one of the sides of the cot to give him that freedom to come & go as he pleases transforming his cot into a toddler bed. The only extra addition we have had to get is an inflatable sleeping bed which goes on his floor as a precaution as he rolls in his sleep & it has cushioned his fall a many a time.

That first week of him in his toddler bed was a real test. I lasted 4 days of 6.30am-9.30pm of Kobe staying up with no day nap just a grumpy over tired child wanting to be held as he was too tired before I cracked it & cried on Luke. Im not one for tears but when I start its hard to stop. Exhaustion does that to me. I also hate asking for help unless at breaking point so Luke just automatically thinks I am content to do it all. Unfortunately getting Kobe to stay in his bed has always been the death of me (obviously this is just a dramatic figure of speech). Its so draining & exhausting & he is smart enough to know at the end of the day I just give in. So Im all to happy to share/hand over the bedtime routine with Luke. For such an easy going person he takes no shit from Kobe at bedtime thankfully!

Sleeping beauty 2

After 2 weeks of trial & error (we seriously/desperately were playing a Disney movie at bedtime in the hope that it would lull Kobe to sleep, sometimes it worked but mostly it didn’t), we were making progress slowly & surely. Kobe seems to stay in his bed at night if Luke is the one to tuck him in while I scurry out the room like an escaped prisoner making a mad dash for freedom.

Day naps are a completely different story, as its all on me to put Kobe to bed. Being the weaker willed parent, Kobe blatantly keeps walking back out after being tucked in to the point where I walk him back to his room for an hour to & fro then give up defeated. He actually thinks it’s a game where he comes out & asks “mummy carry (me back)”. He did a week of staying in his room sooking for an hour then only having a half hour nap. After 2 months, I find what works best is me laying on the floor next to his bed while he carries on til he falls asleep then I crawl out stealth commando style. Apart from once or twice a week I find myself falling asleep too. I would like to have him go to sleep on his own very soon. Anyone else going thru this/ been thru this?!?

One small step towards getting him to stay in his bed & all it takes is one giant leap out…

Happy Tuesday friends!

Miss G

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Anglicare charity thrift party


Last weekend, Chevaun & I decided to glam it up in our best op shop clothes for the Anglicare thrift shop party hosted by local fashion superstar blogger Angeline of Love thread.

Thrift clothes for sale occupied one corner, Restyle clothes up for auction (opshop clothes she styled off her blog as part of Perth fashion festival) hung on a rack up the front ready for bidding, a photobooth by up & comer photographer Yoshi was a fave by party guests, a band played upfront of the bar while the comfy seats dominated the middle so you could people watch & eye up everyone decked out in their unique op shop styled clothes.

yoshi angeline

(photographer Yoshi & blogger Angeline)


Anglicare staffer Gemma stole my heart with her bling. Those earrings, that headpiece, love love. The epitome of effortless glamour.

Bargain dresses

Ok so lets get real, in Australia discarded clothing equals 5% of the worlds landfill. That’s big! So instead of binning it, why not donate it to a worthwhile charity?

Other things you may not know but should. As a former casual volunteer for the Salvation Army charity I have learnt that people think you can donate anything, eh WRONG… Dirty worn out clothes (underwear included, seriously people donated their old feral undies?!?) simply don’t have a price tag except to add to the costs that many charities have to bear to get rid of selfish peoples rubbish?!? Sorry to sound like a preacher regarding what to donate but it is wrong to burden charities whose mission is to help those less fortunate with paying to get rid of people’s junk.
Anything in pristine clean sellable condition is a yes:)

Nothing to donate? Why not volunteer a few hours here & there? Volunteers are the heart & soul of charities they sort the stock, clean the stores, provide customer service & arrange the displays (my personal fave). Food for thought perhaps? 

Find out more about Anglicare here. They can help with a wide range of issues regarding training, youth, personal issues, accomodation & finances.

silly billies

And back to the thrift party, everyone seemed to have a good time & lots of gals bought bargains (I nabbed myself a gorgeous lace bohemian dress which sort of look like a wedding dress if I dressed it up with a floral headband…) & the event raised over $1000 for Anglicare.!

Happy Friday friends!

Miss G

Sidenote: I borrowed some photos from photographer Yoshihiko Kagawa design🙂

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More of Moore & Moore cafe

happy fathers day

Today is father’s day in Australia. It did not go as planned to begin with as Kobe refused to say “happy daddy’s day” to Luke. I keep forgetting he may look more like Luke than me but the boy has his mama’s defiant attitude…

Luke surprisingly only had a couple requests (I say surprising because he lives for gifts on birthdays, Christmas, any special occasions) which was breakfast out & a night with the boys. Both quite simple & I cant turn down a breakfast I don’t have to cook myself & no dishes to wash afterwards. Whoop whoop!!!

moore & moore cafe

Breakfast out was at Moore & Moore cafe which is hidden down a backstreet in Fremantle. Breakfast is my fave meal of the day & it did not disappoint I ordered the gluten free potato rosti stack & Luke had the standard poach eggs with Turkish toast. Kobe bear we tried to bribe with a blueberry muffin & vanilla milkshake (we needn’t had bothered as he had breakfast just before we got there, he only ate half his muffin & refused his vanilla shake as he didn’t like the look of it. See sometimes having a fussy toddler is a good thing as they occasionally refuse the bad food).

moore & moore food

Waitstaff were just as awesome as the food (check out a friendly waitresses flower headbands in the photos, makes me want to dig mine out & parade it. Sadly when we got home that’s the first thing I looked for, ha!). They did their best accommodating stray hungry diners who rocked up without reserving a table on one of the busiest days of the years. With that said, I booked. I have zero patience to wait to be seated. Kobe has less. We had a brunch afterwards to get to so we didn’t get to check out the art gallery located inside the café or the kid’s area but its on my wishlist to check out again at some point.

father son moment

First & foremost, Luke enjoyed the breakfast & he got to eat the whole thing while Kobe surprisingly entertained himself drag racing his cars around the table. (Ps, if you have lil ones, try to get the crate tables they are perfect height for the lil ones who no longer like sitting in high chairs). There was only one mini tantrum & I cant remember what it was about it past that quick. Bless!

Happy father’s day Luke!

Happy father’s day to all the fathers, dads, poppys, grandads, grandpas out there!
Happy Sunday friends!

Miss G

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Recently enjoyed things

retro barbie

* Wandering along all the wonderful vintage stalls at Polka Dot vintage market . Seriously every little girl (& big girl) needs a Barbie wearing cute retro clothing!!!

lil feet

* Enjoying days of sunshine at the beach. We spent 4 days down there I didnt want to leave.

smashing sand castles

* Lil Kobe sized feet smashing up nano’s (nanna’s) sandcastle. Oh watching the enjoyment on his face when his lil foot smashed the sandcastles over & over again.


* Nasturiums planted from seed are starting to pop up in the garden. Please help protect my edible plants:)


* Welcome sunshine!

Reading list

* Current reading list borrowed from the library; Toddler tactics for me, Where the wild things are & Now I am big for Kobe.


* Delicious cupcakes calling me. Yes I will eat some of you…

wrapping Brody's gift

* My lil helper helping me get my nephew Brody’s birthday gift ready so it can be mailed to the UK.


* Girl’s dinner & drinks at The Aviary. Food was ah-mazing. I felt like the frumpy one in amongst all the well heeled (I wore flats?!?) figure hugging dresses (I wore pants?!?).

More things I enjoyed this week was seeing Kick Ass 2 at the movies with Helen & Christine,ok it was super violent but I thought Chloe Moretz made the movie. Stuffing my face with baked potatoes with fashionista friend Chevaun. Lining up a couple crafty projects hopefully I can finish in the next couple weeks…

What did you enjoy lately?

Happy Thursday friends!

Miss G

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Upcycling old sheets: painting apron

Upcycling old sheets

There is nothing funner than giving new life to something old. I never throw away old sheets they are so handy for a tonne of things; rags for cleaning (household/tools), upcycled into cushions, teepees tents for the kids,fairy wings, the list is endless. Now we already have a teepee for Kobe which is used to hide toys or hide in for the “monster game”. So I thought why not use this $1.50 Thomas the tank engine thifted sheet to make some painting aprons. Something handy Kobe does everyday.

Upcycled Apron

Painting with lil ones (even with washable paint) gets so messy. I originally was going to make a painting apron complete with sleeves but tossed that idea into the too hard basket & settled on a normal apron. Now its not perfect (a lil lop sided- ha!) but it protects most of him from paint. Instead of making ties for the neck I decided to go with elastic as its easier to go over Kobe’s head.

Painting apron

Painting apron 2

I made 2 of this aprons so far (double sided) & have enough to make atleast 2 more. So Im chuffed about that, not bad for $1.50! All I need to do is learn how to make my own non toxic cheap kid’s paint & Im set.

Happy Saturday friends!

Miss G

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Thriftshop styling

thriftshop finds

When I was a teenager I was embarrassed that a lot of our clothes were thrifted but now Im more embarrassed about how I was embarrassed. This was at a time where my parents split & for a few years dad had sole custody of us kids so money was super tight & dad definitely had his hands full raising a pair of hormonal girl teenagers. Poor dad!!! . I wish I appreciated back then thats it ok to look & dress different. Im so damn thankful to dad for doing an ah-mazing job raising us kids with morals & making me realize how much fun it is treasure hunting in thrift shops.


Im not sure how I do it but I manage to look damn tired in every photo, mainly due to the fact I have a child with 2 year old molars coming thru hence he isn’t sleeping thru & Im too lazy to cover my face in layers of foundation preferring, a dash of blush, a slick of lipbalm & some mascara then Im out the door. I know many mums who don’t answer the door without a face of makeup & Im definitely not one of them, most mornings Im happy to be out the door in comfy slightly frumpy clothes free of toddler splattered food. That’s a win for me!
But this morning was slightly differently it was wear what I want as I will be sans toddler who is having a daddy son bonding morning. I hate leaving Kobe to go off & do social things with my friends but Im slowly warming to the idea, as I cant be there all the time & I do need to lean on Luke more with daddy time with Kobe. Plus I need to shake off the guilt as I prepare mentally to go back to work & leave my precious Kobe in the care of someone else, sniff sniff…

thrifted outfit

(Outfit; cape/thrifted Sunnygirl, breton striped top/thrifted Witchery, fuchsia pants/ thrifted Zaccaria, necklace/thrifted, black glo-mesh wallet/ thrifted Gregory Laudner, shoes/ from Singapore).

And back to sans toddler, it meant painting my freaking nails for once. Sure they would be chipped later on in the day after doing the dishes & scrubbing out the damn filthy oven but would look oh so fabulous on my morning out. I picked up this triangle necklace a few weeks back at an op shop & wanted to centre my outfit around it. I had been searching high & low for the perfect striped Breton top & this one came into my possession at a measly $2. Then karma took pity on this sleep addled mama & gifted me in finding the cape which I wear on most cold mornings swanning around pretending to be super woman ha ha (& now I secretly want to make Kobe a cape, but maybe a superhero themed one or he does like Thomas the tank engine so maybe Thomas??? Decisions decisions). The black glo-mesh clutch is small & barely fits anything in but adds some glamour. Last but not least fuchsia pants, a happy market find I pull out whenever I need a pop of colour, brownie points they match the necklace.So this is me budget dressing pre-loved style:)

clutch & shoes

Im hoping my thrifted outfit looks trying but not try hard?

I wore this to the Polka Dot vintage market, I have to admit the shoes gave me blisters as my feet are accustomed to wearing flat shoes. But I found a couple of gems I will be sharing soon & Kobe had a fun morning with daddy.

Happy Tuesday friends!

Miss G

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The tiny garden: Trying to start a veggie garden

strawberry plant

Frugal August is not going too well. I may of broken the rules & bought a replacement rice cooker & then a Tefal Actifry (so I can cook with less oil in an attempt to eat healthier).

Another way to I try to live healthier& frugally is by attempting to grow our own herbs & veggies. What was the penny dropping is Kobe has begun begging me at the shops for “ Just a small chocolate. I need chocolate” so Im trying to show him healthier (but obviously not as delicious) options. I don’t have a backyard at my house I only have a couple of small garden beds out the front. These beds use to house hedges but I decided to rip them out to utilise the space to “grow” some of our own produce. Not sure if I mentioned that Im a deluded green thumb, more of a brown thumb as that’s what most of my plants eventually turn into, sigh. But I don’t give up easy ha ha.

Little garden helper

The soil around my area is very sandy hence not a lot seems to flourish. So I went to Masters hardware store a few months back to invest in some Summit raised garden beds. Then filled them with pea straw, potting mix, mushroom compost & slow release fertilizer (as recommended by The little veggie patch co book).
I loosely used the planting calender (from the above mentioned book) to choose what to grow; potatoes, strawberries, chilli, corn, lettuce, coriander, rosemary, beans, tomatoes,capsicum & pumpkin.


Sadly the corn, capsicums, tomatoes (& chilli looks on the way out) have been chewed beyond repair by hungry catepillars & slugs. Kobe & I have been hunting catepillars & relocating them to live in harmony in the local park (we happily welcome back any butterflies). I read somewhere by sprinkling crushed egg shells around the plants it deters the bugs so time will tell if I have anything to eat in Spring. I have ripped out the pumpkin plant which grew from the compost I chucked in there which grew over the lettuce which failed to sprout & instead planted some tomato seeds.
I may not of been as successful growing veggies as I wanted to be but on the upside, Kobe is absolutely delighted in running around showing daddy our little garden pointing out all the veggies he knows & he even says goodnight to them “goodnight corn, goodnight mato (tomato), goodnight beans, goodnight weeds (love it!), goodnight stupid catepillars (whoops he learnt that s word off me)”. I still have to hide veggies in his food but hopefully not much longer (or am I being delusional with a toddler?)

The tiny garden's progress

I have definitely learnt a little more each year I attempt to grow food but I have a lifetime to go before I will feel like gardening is second nature. I always have fun planting the seeds, it’s the maintaining, weeding & nurturing which alludes me. I may even join the community garden if times persists to pick up some skill sets. If you have time check out my dream garden at this blog, Meadowbrook farm & check out what One hundred dollars a month blogger grew in her enormous garden- jealous & inspired at the same time!

Whats growing in your garden?

Happy Thursday friends!

Miss G

Sidenote: I highly recommend The little veggie patch co book its suitable for small gardens like mine, one day I hope to make a worm farm & spud tower using their directions.

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