Anglicare charity thrift party


Last weekend, Chevaun & I decided to glam it up in our best op shop clothes for the Anglicare thrift shop party hosted by local fashion superstar blogger Angeline of Love thread.

Thrift clothes for sale occupied one corner, Restyle clothes up for auction (opshop clothes she styled off her blog as part of Perth fashion festival) hung on a rack up the front ready for bidding, a photobooth by up & comer photographer Yoshi was a fave by party guests, a band played upfront of the bar while the comfy seats dominated the middle so you could people watch & eye up everyone decked out in their unique op shop styled clothes.

yoshi angeline

(photographer Yoshi & blogger Angeline)


Anglicare staffer Gemma stole my heart with her bling. Those earrings, that headpiece, love love. The epitome of effortless glamour.

Bargain dresses

Ok so lets get real, in Australia discarded clothing equals 5% of the worlds landfill. That’s big! So instead of binning it, why not donate it to a worthwhile charity?

Other things you may not know but should. As a former casual volunteer for the Salvation Army charity I have learnt that people think you can donate anything, eh WRONG… Dirty worn out clothes (underwear included, seriously people donated their old feral undies?!?) simply don’t have a price tag except to add to the costs that many charities have to bear to get rid of selfish peoples rubbish?!? Sorry to sound like a preacher regarding what to donate but it is wrong to burden charities whose mission is to help those less fortunate with paying to get rid of people’s junk.
Anything in pristine clean sellable condition is a yes:)

Nothing to donate? Why not volunteer a few hours here & there? Volunteers are the heart & soul of charities they sort the stock, clean the stores, provide customer service & arrange the displays (my personal fave). Food for thought perhaps? 

Find out more about Anglicare here. They can help with a wide range of issues regarding training, youth, personal issues, accomodation & finances.

silly billies

And back to the thrift party, everyone seemed to have a good time & lots of gals bought bargains (I nabbed myself a gorgeous lace bohemian dress which sort of look like a wedding dress if I dressed it up with a floral headband…) & the event raised over $1000 for Anglicare.!

Happy Friday friends!

Miss G

Sidenote: I borrowed some photos from photographer Yoshihiko Kagawa design🙂


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