Thriftshop styling

thriftshop finds

When I was a teenager I was embarrassed that a lot of our clothes were thrifted but now Im more embarrassed about how I was embarrassed. This was at a time where my parents split & for a few years dad had sole custody of us kids so money was super tight & dad definitely had his hands full raising a pair of hormonal girl teenagers. Poor dad!!! . I wish I appreciated back then thats it ok to look & dress different. Im so damn thankful to dad for doing an ah-mazing job raising us kids with morals & making me realize how much fun it is treasure hunting in thrift shops.


Im not sure how I do it but I manage to look damn tired in every photo, mainly due to the fact I have a child with 2 year old molars coming thru hence he isn’t sleeping thru & Im too lazy to cover my face in layers of foundation preferring, a dash of blush, a slick of lipbalm & some mascara then Im out the door. I know many mums who don’t answer the door without a face of makeup & Im definitely not one of them, most mornings Im happy to be out the door in comfy slightly frumpy clothes free of toddler splattered food. That’s a win for me!
But this morning was slightly differently it was wear what I want as I will be sans toddler who is having a daddy son bonding morning. I hate leaving Kobe to go off & do social things with my friends but Im slowly warming to the idea, as I cant be there all the time & I do need to lean on Luke more with daddy time with Kobe. Plus I need to shake off the guilt as I prepare mentally to go back to work & leave my precious Kobe in the care of someone else, sniff sniff…

thrifted outfit

(Outfit; cape/thrifted Sunnygirl, breton striped top/thrifted Witchery, fuchsia pants/ thrifted Zaccaria, necklace/thrifted, black glo-mesh wallet/ thrifted Gregory Laudner, shoes/ from Singapore).

And back to sans toddler, it meant painting my freaking nails for once. Sure they would be chipped later on in the day after doing the dishes & scrubbing out the damn filthy oven but would look oh so fabulous on my morning out. I picked up this triangle necklace a few weeks back at an op shop & wanted to centre my outfit around it. I had been searching high & low for the perfect striped Breton top & this one came into my possession at a measly $2. Then karma took pity on this sleep addled mama & gifted me in finding the cape which I wear on most cold mornings swanning around pretending to be super woman ha ha (& now I secretly want to make Kobe a cape, but maybe a superhero themed one or he does like Thomas the tank engine so maybe Thomas??? Decisions decisions). The black glo-mesh clutch is small & barely fits anything in but adds some glamour. Last but not least fuchsia pants, a happy market find I pull out whenever I need a pop of colour, brownie points they match the necklace.So this is me budget dressing pre-loved style:)

clutch & shoes

Im hoping my thrifted outfit looks trying but not try hard?

I wore this to the Polka Dot vintage market, I have to admit the shoes gave me blisters as my feet are accustomed to wearing flat shoes. But I found a couple of gems I will be sharing soon & Kobe had a fun morning with daddy.

Happy Tuesday friends!

Miss G


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Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to Miss G xx
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  1. this looks awesome thrifting is the best way to go!!!! I have plenty of fashion D.I.Y.’s and outfits check them out! 🙂

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