The tiny garden: Trying to start a veggie garden

strawberry plant

Frugal August is not going too well. I may of broken the rules & bought a replacement rice cooker & then a Tefal Actifry (so I can cook with less oil in an attempt to eat healthier).

Another way to I try to live healthier& frugally is by attempting to grow our own herbs & veggies. What was the penny dropping is Kobe has begun begging me at the shops for “ Just a small chocolate. I need chocolate” so Im trying to show him healthier (but obviously not as delicious) options. I don’t have a backyard at my house I only have a couple of small garden beds out the front. These beds use to house hedges but I decided to rip them out to utilise the space to “grow” some of our own produce. Not sure if I mentioned that Im a deluded green thumb, more of a brown thumb as that’s what most of my plants eventually turn into, sigh. But I don’t give up easy ha ha.

Little garden helper

The soil around my area is very sandy hence not a lot seems to flourish. So I went to Masters hardware store a few months back to invest in some Summit raised garden beds. Then filled them with pea straw, potting mix, mushroom compost & slow release fertilizer (as recommended by The little veggie patch co book).
I loosely used the planting calender (from the above mentioned book) to choose what to grow; potatoes, strawberries, chilli, corn, lettuce, coriander, rosemary, beans, tomatoes,capsicum & pumpkin.


Sadly the corn, capsicums, tomatoes (& chilli looks on the way out) have been chewed beyond repair by hungry catepillars & slugs. Kobe & I have been hunting catepillars & relocating them to live in harmony in the local park (we happily welcome back any butterflies). I read somewhere by sprinkling crushed egg shells around the plants it deters the bugs so time will tell if I have anything to eat in Spring. I have ripped out the pumpkin plant which grew from the compost I chucked in there which grew over the lettuce which failed to sprout & instead planted some tomato seeds.
I may not of been as successful growing veggies as I wanted to be but on the upside, Kobe is absolutely delighted in running around showing daddy our little garden pointing out all the veggies he knows & he even says goodnight to them “goodnight corn, goodnight mato (tomato), goodnight beans, goodnight weeds (love it!), goodnight stupid catepillars (whoops he learnt that s word off me)”. I still have to hide veggies in his food but hopefully not much longer (or am I being delusional with a toddler?)

The tiny garden's progress

I have definitely learnt a little more each year I attempt to grow food but I have a lifetime to go before I will feel like gardening is second nature. I always have fun planting the seeds, it’s the maintaining, weeding & nurturing which alludes me. I may even join the community garden if times persists to pick up some skill sets. If you have time check out my dream garden at this blog, Meadowbrook farm & check out what One hundred dollars a month blogger grew in her enormous garden- jealous & inspired at the same time!

Whats growing in your garden?

Happy Thursday friends!

Miss G

Sidenote: I highly recommend The little veggie patch co book its suitable for small gardens like mine, one day I hope to make a worm farm & spud tower using their directions.


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Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to Miss G xx
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2 Responses to The tiny garden: Trying to start a veggie garden

  1. painterwrite says:

    I would also like to grow more of my own veggies but we are surrounded by trees. each spot that gets even a few hours of direct sun has been taken over with edibles and I keep trying to find some that are shade tolerant. The fact that I can get tomatoes and peppers out of this shade-filled yard proves that if you keep trying, you can have a veggie garden. Good luck with yours – sounds like you have a good start! Also, if you boil some chili pepper (fresh or dried) in water and then strain it into a spray bottle, you can spray it on the leaves of your plants to keep the caterpillars away (you can add garlic too). Egg shells mainly work to deter slugs.
    Happy gardening,
    AKA Sassy Garden Girl (

    • figsandtwigs says:

      Thanks so much for the tip with the chilli spray I shall give it a go!
      (I think I have the opposite problem to you, my garden is open to direct sun most the time to your mostly shaded garden. Its funny my best growers are capsicums & tomatoes too!)

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