Living small

teeny tiny house

One way this family of 3 living on 1 income keeps costs low is we live in a 2 bedroom house. While most of lovely friends live comfortably sprawled out in a 3 bedroom plus games room house we make do in a 2 bedroom with open plan living loungeroom. Crazy hard YES but financially cheaper YES. Yes I honestly admit I will always be jealous of my friends larger homes BUT I feel content in the knowledge we are making a greener choice living small right now (I cant speak for Kobe as Im not sure how he will take sharing a room if we have another lil one).

In our efforts to trim our energy bill & water bill about 25% smaller we make do not living in a bigger house,hence giving up storage (& space) but saving energy not powering the extra rooms. Not to mention forgo-ing an extra tv in the bedroom (which would make life easier & Im sure when I do go back to work part-time its something Luke & I will be pro for). We don’t subscribe to FOXTEL instead we make do with the extra digital channels & lovely friends lend us movies & tv series to watch (thank you Andrea, Chevaun, Christine, Louie & my sister Myriam). I turn appliances that aren’t in use off at the power point & even unplug if I can. All that stand-by power does add $$ on the electricity bill for sure! And if no one is in the room it pays to switch off the light.

During the drier months I collect the shower water in a bucket (you know when you let it run til the desired temperature) & use that to water the garden. We have strict water restrictions in Summer & this definitely helps keep my tiny garden alive (althou my hedges went a slight rustic brown but the winter has revived them to a lush green).

I try to keep our laundry loads to 2-3 a week (yes I shamefully wear my jeans & jumpers more than once before I wash them) & always wash on a cold cycle (saving roughly $160 a year). I line dry everything & in Winter I hang some clothes on one of those fold out wire racks inside. And if worse comes to worse I have used Luke’s parent’s clothes dryer to dry Kobe’s sleeping bag & pillow. Naughty YES but I never said I was perfect.

We are guilty of having a reverse cycle air-con system instead of fans. But we do limit our use with it & only sparingly use it to heat/cool the house.

Other tips I have scoured of friends is renting out a spare room for extra cash, losing the extra fridge (saving roughly $230 a year), using energy saving lightbulbs, buying energy saving products as marked by their energy star rating (this is the standard in Australia) & investing in solar panels.

I welcome you to share any energy saving tips. It’s always great to hear from people from different family sizes, singles or walks of life on how you cut costs.

Now excuse me while I attempt to sort all the junk piled up in the garage to maintain our efforts to be greener. Decluttering is next on the list, with a “Trash to treasure” swap with friends in a couple weeks.

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Miss G

*Sidenote; I used the estimated savings from this wonderful energy saving site

*How cute is the header photo? I saw this DIY toy house in a toyshop & had the strength to not buy it on the whim for Kobe.


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Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to Miss G xx
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