24 month old update

Train mural

Dear Kobe,
Happy 2nd birthday the joy of my life!!!
Wow I feel like everything is happening at once with you…

You had gotten better at bedtime until a few days ago you decided to use your long legs to climb out your cot. Hello big boy bed (or in our case, taking the 2 sides of your cot off transforming it into a toddler bed). It is early days so you are refusing day naps. We have slightly changed your bedtime routine to reading a storybook (like a Roald Dahl book), followed by you choosing a few picture books to be read, followed by “Sooty” asking for 2 nursery rhymes before you get tucked up into bed. You slying start asking for “milk please” to delay sleeping. You no longer need a dummy for bedtime, you weaned yourself off it, surprisingly it was the easiest thing out of all of motherhood challenges so far!

You poor thing, Winter has not been kind to us. It seems like every second week we are sick with the flu, hence meal times have been fussy & still oh so very messy.

Train 1

Favourite things:
Your top 4 favourite objects are Sooty puppet, trains (especially Thomas), drawing (including the couch covers & furniture) & spiders. The neighbours must think Im stalking their yards but Im only checking out the spiders in their webs on their trees as commanded by you darling. You ask about them allday. I have bought you some fake insects that I jump whenever I see them until I realize they are the fake toy ones. Phew! Im sure one day I will think it’s a fake one until it starts creeping along.

Train 2

I have been thinking of toilet training as of lately. Im not convinced you (or I for that matter) is ready. The potty is still a gimmick to you. So I bought a padded toilet seat that goes on top the toilet which you care less for. But you do like flushing the toilet which is a start I guess. I think its smarter to wait for Summer, that gives us 6 months to get ready. You are in disposable nappies (sorry environment but its too darn cold for cloth nappies!).

Train 3

You speak in sentences now. Your favourite quote as of late is “not fair” when I ask to change your nappy or pick up your toys. You know your first name is Kobe & hopefully in the next few months you will know your last name. When I first started teaching you, I would say “my name is mama, your name is Kobe. Whats your name?” To which you would reply “mama”. No darling that’s me.
You don’t like to count anymore, which is heartbreaking considering you could count to 6? Your now onto colours, most colours you call blue or green. However I make you tell me what paint colour you want & give it to you when you have the right colour. You also like shapes; you are crazy about stars & triangles.
You have started to be more social with other kids. When I mention playgroup you say “Summer & Brooklyn” which are your favourite play mates. You have started hugging them goodbye after a playdate which is so damn cute! It makes me so proud that when you hang in a corner away from other kids then venture slowly over to their corner to play. This is a massive step for a shy child as yourself:)
Tantrums are coming fast & thick. One moment you are laughing & giggling with the next you are a complete turd screaming & crying a river (sometimes over nothing). The other day you were livid that you couldn’t catch a butterfly fluttering thru the air. You eventually calmed down after you realized that you cant fly hence have less chance of catching one.

Steam train

Looking forward to what the next 3 months bring my sweet lil man. Officially welcoming the terrible twos… Please dont be terrible!

Miss G

*Sidenote: We chose to forgo a big party this year instead choosing to spend the day with just our family of 3 which we spent at Castledare mini railway (home of the Thomas lookalike trains where we took this photos). A good time was had by all. Kobe is still too young to know it was his birthday although he did ask for “birthday cake?” when we told him it was his birthday haha.


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Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to gracefigsandtwigs@hotmail.com Miss G xx
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  1. DrMummy says:

    I adore this – what a beautiful record to look back upon!!

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