Winter: Frugal dressing

Winter fashion 1

Winter has slyly crept up on me in the sense that the sun is still shining (most days) but its darn COLD! Im seriously thinking about wearing 2 thermals under my clothes instead of the 1. The sun may still be a fluorescent yellow but Im no fool & I know that days with plenty of rain ahead are just around the corner. Days spent indoors; full of painting, drawing, stickers, play-doh, cars & trains lined up then eventually me giving in to the lil guy’s whines of Thomas (as in the tank engine on TV).

Winter fashion 2

Whats your favourite thing about Winter?
I guarantee Kobe’s will be jumping about in puddles (the muddier the better) which hopefully ends up with murky water on daddy not me ha ha. I do revel in the lil guy’s company but I have a soft spot for when he is fast asleep, kicking back relaxing snuggled under a blanket with a warm drink in hand watching a foreign film (with subtitle’s or I have no idea what’s happening?) while the rain beats a lullaby on the roof.
Speaking of foreign films, has anyone seen Biutiful? (Starring Jarvier Bardem). It’s so raw & tragic. I couldn’t stop hoping good things were coming all the character’s way. What happened in the warehouse left me with emotional scars Im sure I will carry for a while. After the film finished I had to remind myself the characters were fictional (althou they may echo someone’s hard life out there:(). I am so grateful for this life of mine, it may be far from perfect but it sure is WONDERFUL!

Faux fur bag

On a lighter note about this outfit of mine: I find dressing for Winter really hard. A friend of mine made a comment lately if I just alternate wearing the same 2 pair of trackpants so now I feel I have to make a semi-effort. It has to comfortable with a hint of style.

Xena belt

These photo’s were taken on the most Eco-conscious street of Western Australia, Hulbert Street, Fremantle. Home to a group of like-minded neighbours whose mantra is reduce, recycle & reuse. They even have a yearly sustainable festival (check out last year photos here, the giant sand octopus is crazy cool!). In the spirit of being green; my outfit mimic’s their mantra. My shirt was thrifted, skirt handmade (by my sister), my faux fur bag was kept from my year 11 ball, my Xena style belt is 10 years old & my shoes are over 3 years old. Even my lil Kobe’s in on the frugal Winter dressing, with his shirt thrifted & pants (a gift from last year’s birthday). Ok his ugg boots were bought new but its really hard to find pre-loved mint condition toddler boy’s shoes. I may not ever be able to live on this eco street but thanks for adopting me on this fine sunny morning.

Beautiful boy

Happy Saturday friends!
Miss G

**Sidenote, I may look like Im extra tired (hello giant bags under my eyes) due to the fact Kobe has started full fledge tantrums, & practising patience has been hard & draining.


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Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to Miss G xx
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  1. Love that you matched denim shirt with the long skirt that’s really great style.

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