The good, the bad & the ugly haircuts

Oh golly gosh

It’s damn hard to find a decent hairdresser, one that listens to you, knows what you want done & wont let you walk out frumpier than you walked in. Sure not all haircuts suit everyone. We all have different features after all. I was under no illusion that bringing in a picture of Nicole Richie’s fabulous hairstyle guaranteed me walking out with the exact cut BUT I didn’t expect to be 2 snips shy of walking out like Carol Brady (off the Brady Bunch tv show)?!?
Im more peeved that I believed the hairdresser when she said she would cut it to shoulder length yet after it was blow-dried it came up to the middle of my neck. The vain gal in me needed a pick me up hence that’s why I wanted a fresh look now Im stuck trying to restyle it into something semi-less embarrassing (& pulling out all my winter beanies & head scarves to cover up if needed).

Bad haircuts

(What my hair looked like after the hairdresser “styled” it to look like the below photo, um hmmmm…)

Dream haircut

(The clipping I brought in that I wanted to copy of the divine Miss Nicole Richie)

Not sure if the following contributed to the disastrous haircut but I still ponder…
Wearing my faithful trackies in the hairdressers, not firmly stating no shorter than shoulder length hair & getting engrossed in the gossip magazines to not notice all the extra hair being chopped off.
Anyhow trust me to get stuck with the scissor happy hairdresser (cheers Volona:(). Must be the universe getting me back from cutting Kobe’s hair here. One all I say. Kobe puts a smile on my face when I ask him if he likes mama’s new haircut by saying “yes” when he usually says “no” to everything. When he is sweet he is sweet & I love him all the more for it.

**Feel free to leave a link to any bad haircuts you’ve sported, I would love to have a looksy.
**This post was written to poke fun at myself & not taken too seriously as I know there are bigger problems than bad haircuts!

Happy Tuesday friends!

Miss G


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Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to Miss G xx
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