These boots were made for walking: a morning at Point Walter

Point Walter

I had one of those shitty days today. Where I was selfishly watching the clock tick by til Luke got home & I could tag him into his part of fatherhood & sharing our sick grumpy child. These past few months have been tough, most weeks we have been battling sickness inbetween a couple days of feeling generally ok. Tonight at my wits end, I even had ice-cream before my dinner & after this blog post I think I will crawl under my duvet cover exhausted with every ounce of patience drained. Boo!

Backtrack to happier days, a couple weeks back when we got over our 2nd dose of the flu. Kobe & I kitted up in our gumboots to join my sister Annie & mum at Point Walter. Lucky Kobe & I had our trusty gumboots on (I bought mine for the Astro girl costume I wore here as there were jellyfish sprawled out all over the beach. Some as big as my size 8 feet?!? FYI: I did hear a rumour that if you get stung by these bad boys of the sea, urine eases the pain. I shall leave that to someone else to test out that theory. Getting stung didn’t deter my mum who walked barefoot & was inches away from the clear jellyfish but never got stung.


Beach play

When the water is high like it was on the day we visited, the middle of the beach is partially submerged under water so it looks like an island in the middle. I was nice to carry my sister Annie (who was wearing the wrong footwear) across to reach the “island”, I may of regretted it on the way back when all the extra bags were weighing me down like a pack horse.

Karate kids

Kobe & I had a case of the silly’s no doubt due to all the fresh air after a few days stuck indoors sick. Our silliness led to us practising our karate kid high kicks & I surprised myself by not falling into the jelly fish infected water. Yay!

Swans at Point Walter

Watching the elegant black swans gliding seemlessly across the water with not a worry in the world, I realized it’s not all bad coping with a sick child. Sure last night, I ended up with a sore neck while Kobe comfortably sprawled himself out on my pillow/side of the bed leaving a the tiniest gap for me to sleep (when he is sick he wants to sleep in our big bed) BUT watching him FINALLY sleeping & mumbling the occasional random sweet nothing pulled at my heart strings. Yep there’s my sweet child.

Happy Wednesday friends!
Miss G


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Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to Miss G xx
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