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These boots were made for walking: a morning at Point Walter

I had one of those shitty days today. Where I was selfishly watching the clock tick by til Luke got home & I could tag him into his part of fatherhood & sharing our sick grumpy child. These past few … Continue reading

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Its a dog’s world; RSPCA million paws walk

Its no secret that I HATE exercise in any form. But last Sunday I donned my sneakers, roped in sister Annie & lil son Kobe to walk my sister’s dog Bob in the annual RSPCA million paws walk. RSPCA is … Continue reading

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Change is in the air

A season of change is upon us. Everyone around me seems to be doing something on a grand scale. Walking down the unbeaten path towards things they never thought they’d do. Like my sister Annie who sold her house so … Continue reading

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My week in snapshots (39)

Well its been fairly quiet here as we recovered from a virus only to have a couple days of feeling ok then catching the flu:( I am now officially over being sick!!! All part & parcel of the colder weather … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

“My candle burns at both ends It will not last the night But ah my foes & oh my friends It gives a lovely light”. A quote children’s author Roald Dahl lived by. (I took this photo at dusk the … Continue reading

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Fly like a butterfly

Like butterflies emerging from our cocoon of the virus that left us bedridden for a few days we fluttered into Fremantle for some fresh air. Who better to meet than good friend Christine, a burst of energy for Kobe to … Continue reading

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