21 month old update

21 month update 1

Dear Kobe,

Here you are at 21 months old.
Are you part vampire my child? I have to ask? Remind me to check Luke’s mouth for fangs. Once to twice a week you have a rough night where you get up & refuse to go back unless mama is by your side. Not sure if its bad dreams, teething or you love the witching hour where every other person is enjoying sleep. For sleeps you go down fighting h.a.r.d. I have had to use a sleep remedy on the odd occasion to calm you before bedtime. Thank you Brauers! You seem to no longer want to cuddle Sooty bear puppet (unless your sick) for bed but instead scoop up as many cars as possible to take to bed as your comforter. You are your dad’s child for sure. Since I relegated your bedtime routine (I just wanted to share the dramas of getting you down for bed) to your dad a month ago you have started asking for him when your tired. I get a secret thrill when your usually cool as a cucumber dad comes out after trying to get you to sleep looking frazzled, welcome to mama’s world daddy.
You like nothing more than to break mama’s spirit at meal times. Meal times are still messy! You are getting better at using the spoon. Asking for cookies or chips (hot chips) dominate your meals. What was my easy way out in Singapore is now my downfall. Lesson learnt… When you drink your milk out your plastic cup, 40% ends up in your tummy & the 60% ends up on the floor. Oh & you like dunking cars & food into your milk cup (& mama’s coffee, arrgh!?!). You surprised me the other day when you ate some creamy salmon pasta (off my plate), looks like I will be adding more flavours to your meals now.
You dobbed in your poppy the other week & said “choc at poppys house” then made a frenzied run to his fridge for chocolate. Listen up grandparents the lil man is reporting back to mama now so please no more junk food:) I have started tricking Kobe that scones are “cakes”. Everytime you look at the book “Waiting for Sunday” your eyes glaze over with rapture over all the delicious cakes inthere. I may have started brainwashing you that the lolly’s (in the book) are yuck so that if you are offered them you will decline. Fingers crossed it works!

21 month update 2

Favourite things:
Your top 4 favourite objects are cars, books, rocks & mama’s shoes. Yes you heard that right, mama’s shoes. You like to put them on your feet & parade them up & down the hallway shaking your thang. The other day you opened up mama & daddy’s wardrobe & slipped your tiny feet into my plastic slippers with the bow. I could not stop laughing (& I took a photo of it to use against you in your teenage years, mama loves you!).
You scoop a handful of cars everywhere that I make sure that I always have spares in my handbag. I also use “your cars need a wash” to get you into the shower, works everytime.
You are still in nappies & sometimes I put you in jocks so you get the feel of them (& you always have an accident in those). I have bought a potty for you to sit on & get comfy. Kudos for Aunty Annie to get you on there. Right now its just a novelty item for you to sit on on the rare occasion.

21 month old update 3

Teeth, your bottom eye teeth have finally arrived & man were those tough. Your four 1 year old molars have just come in & I am shitting myself with fear when the rest of those bad boys appear. The first took forever to come thru & I was subjected to 4am wake-ups. Nothing can truly prepare me for what the nightmare of teething is:( I wish you were born with a full set of teeth to spare you the pain of teething.
Although you are generally clingy around the house on rare occasions when Im in your space you say “bye” to me so I leave you alone (Its usually when your eating a snack or doing a 2). Hearing bye in that contexts stings a little. But within 5 minutes you come looking for me.
You were a biter. Whenever you get overly affectionate out came your fangs. Many occasions have you upset mama when you take a bite out of her. I sung you the Yo Gabba Gabba song “Don’t bite your friends”. And changed friends to mama & this has helped you stop biting. See Tv is not always the enemy.
You don’t socialize well with other children your own age. Your happy to try to chase older kids to join in with chasey but as soon as a lil one comes near you, you hide or watch from afar? But you are happy to cling to an adult, you my boy have a type, look out older pretty brunettes Kobe has his eye on you for his playdate
You can count to 4, I am so proud of you when I hear the 1,2,3,4 from you counting all your cars lined up in a row. I have started teaching you colours but you call everything blue or black.
You are quite the lil chatterbox repeating things you have heard. The other day after daddy fed you breakfast you ran to wake me up. When you saw me pretending to sleep you said” Mama sleeping. She under blankie. Night night mama. Be back soon”. Then you shut the door & opened it straight back again to jump on me to wake me up. Mama is worried you may pick up some foul words from those around you. Hence the introduction of the swear jar, 20 cents a swear word. (Which is filling up slowly, something for your parents to work on).
You are still crazy tall, your in a size 3 t-shirt mostly & size 2 pants (which are loose around your waist as you are a size 1 waist but they are too small in the length, all so confusing but in short your tall & skinny).

21 month update  4

Looking forward to what the next 3 months bring my sweet lil man.
Miss G

* These photos were taken by my sister infront of Norfolk hotel pub in Fremantle, Australia. Portuguese graffiti artist Alexandre Farto chiselled this portrait of Australia’s first female senator Dorothy Tangney onto the side of the pub wall.


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