Singapore: Toy story

Mint toy museum

The last time I was in Singapore (about 3-4 years ago) with my sister Annie. We got lost somewhere around Chinatown; dazed, confused & bitchfighting over the directions on the map when by sheer luck we stumbled into a tiny mall laden with toy memorabilia & collectables. Most of them were of the tin vintage look variety which is right up my alley & I even managed to buy a couple. Yay for me!
Unfortunately I never wrote down this hidden gem so its whereabouts if it still even exists remains a mystery? So on this recent trip to Singapore didn’t see us wandering delightingly thru the hidden toy treasure trove as wandering lost thru Singapore with a tantrum prone toddler is my worst nightmare so instead we opted to see The Mint Museum of Toys.

Bugs bunny & the gang


The toy museum is for kids big & small. Toys galore from every era over 5 levels.

War themed

Adventures of Tintin

My friend Helen adores Tin Tin so I couldnt resist this photo op dedicated to you Helen (I still havent told her about the blog, whoops…).
Anyhow my favourite childhood toy was ET (the extraterrestrial, I think I spelt that wrong?), ET was handed down from an aunt to my brother who past it onto to me who greedily kept it. (It’s currently swimming in a sea of balls in Kobe’s ball pit).

Astro boy

Toy browsing

Luke spent his time looking at the price tag of all the toys out of curiosity (they aren’t for sale just showing how much they are worth with some toys over a couple grand), Kobe played hide & seek while I oohed & aahed over each & every toy. I think I was the biggest kid of us all:)



Lift, going up, going down

Partner Luke was a bit so so when I first mentioned coming here. But even he got caught up in the moment once inside with crazy words “We should start collecting toys”. Ha ha ha he must of saw the “Whoever has the most toys when he dies wins” slogan in the lift & his competitive side kicked in. And no we are not collecting toys!
(Please note: Im a sucker for vintage Fisherprice toys but even I have limits to how many toys Kobe can have).

**There is a small shop on the lowest level which sells some memorabilia & also a restaurant.
**Mint museum of Toys is at 26 Seah Street, Singapore.

Happy travels!

Miss G


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