My week in snapshots (31)

Well Kobe is finally over the flu that seemed to just hang around & never leave so we got to venture outside this past week. Yay:) Unfortunately the week wasnt without drama with some idiot head side-swiping a family member’s car & driving off. I cant wait til karma catches up with you buddy! Some more bits & pieces of my week…

louis baxter brekky

*Breakfast with the sister at Louis Baxter cafe (just ignore those 5am bags under my eyes:(). We didnt see owner (Australian swimmer superstar) Eamon Sullivan but we saw sporting legend Steve Hooker. Whoop whoop!


hyde park

*Nature exploring at Hyde park. And a bit of leaf throwing too.


*Kobe was absolutely thrilled to find this starfish at the beach. Not so thrilled returning it back to the sea.

beach boys

*Two cute lil beach boys chilling on the sand, priceless!

vintage prams

*Market hopping. If I had a daughter one of these vintage doll’s prams would be mine hers.
swedish toy cars

*Getting bits & bobs ready for Kira’s baby shower, Im loving these cute swedish toy cars.

more cake please

*Sneakily eating these lil cupcakes while Kobe’s back is turned unfortunately he saw me & replied “More cake please”. How can I seriously refuse his good manners, just wish he was like that when he saw good old veggies…

Miss G


About figsandtwigs

Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to Miss G xx
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