Born in the 80’s, Grew up in the 90’s

Handmade Astro masks

Our dear old (hee hee) mate Neil turned the big 3-0 last weekend. It was “born in the 80’s, grew up in the 90’s” theme so you could wear anything from that era. Im all for wearing something silly.
Much brainstorming was done during the week on what to wear, from 80’s prom queen, ninja turtles (my sister had a costume but it was lost somewhere, boo) & then we settled on Astro boy & Astro girl. A few honourable ideas were the original cast of 90210, pac-man & streetfighter characters (like Chung-li my fave!).

Team Astro

And as usual we left everything to the very last minute. As in I was sewing the masks at 5pm the night of the party. Originally I was going to make felt hair hat thingys but I ended up looking like Magneto (from x-men) so cardboard it was. Added bonus was I didn’t have to bother with make-up because I had a mask on. Score!

Party signage

Sonic strikes a pose

80s Fabulous

Most of the gals were 80’s fabulous including the hostest with the mostest Louie. She outdid herself with decorations & food in abundance. Neil is one lucky boy or on this night a lucky Sonic the hedgehodge. Im not ashamed to admit I spent many hours as a youngin playing Sonic, Alex the kid, Wonderboy, Streetfighter on Nintendo & Sega (and yes the original Nintendo & Sega). And I smartly kept them all, just waiting for a spare night to host vintage video game night (calling all nerds hee hee:)). My favourite movie as a kid was the one that had that guy from Wonder years where him & his brother travel across country to enter a video gaming competition, I secretly wanted to do it too. I cant remember what it was called?

Astro boy Transformer

80s VS Scream

Mario & Luigi

Woody & Rambo

Hybrid transformers

Personally I think best dressed belonged to Transformer with Mario & Luigi as a close second. Woody from Toystory & Rambo made a delightful cameo too. After a drink (or 2,3,4 etc) some costumes became hybrid like this transformer/scream. Wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley me thinks… Althou he is our son’s godfather so watch out.

Next month my friend Rach is having a zombie themed birthday. So Im all open to ideas please share if you have any. Thanks:)

Miss G


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