18 month old update


Dear Kobe (K-bear),
Where has the last 18 months gone? It seems like only yesterday I brought you home from the hospital this quiet nap loving baby. How times have changed!
Fast forward 18 months and
You still quite haven’t figured out that when your tired, sleep is what’s needed to make you feel better. You are not a solid sleeper & I am giving up on thinking you will ever be. I am just grateful when you do have a full nights sleep. You are an early riser (5am-6am most mornings) & early to bed (6pm most nights). You have changed from 2 one hour naps a day to one nap between 1 & half hours to 3 hours. I cant imagine you ever making it to a toddler bed due to you moving around so much when you sleep plus the fact you whine & moan at bedtime & try to climb out your cot. Although I constantly complain about how sleep deprived I am, you alone are still worth the permanent dark circles under my eyes. Mama loves you child!

Eating:Meal times are messy! You seem to eat better when watching tv (bad yes but less ends up on the floor this way). Your favourite is soy chicken, breaded chicken, lasagne & anything in a sandwich. You also like to fit as many strawberries in your mouth as possible, which is too funny! Mama is no longer allowed to touch the spoon to help you, I have to relinquish all control of the spoon to you. Lately you have been very demanding of cookies which naughty mama has on occasion used to bribe you to keep quiet when doing a quick grocery shop.


Favourite things:
Your top 4 favourite objects are Sooty puppet, cars, books & rocks. Sooty is your comfort toy. When your feeling upset or anxious, Sooty is the one you cling to (& mama ofcourse).
You like to drive cars (& make the broom broom sound) up & down the couch & along any surface really, you get this from your car crazy daddy. When the garbage truck comes to pick up the weekly rubbish collection, you like to wave him hello. (And on occasion he kindly waves back, yay!).
Before bedtime you bring me book after book to read & you love to point to objects in the book so I can tell you what they are. You eagerly flip the pages so quick that I usually make up a story (whoops!). Eric Carle, Maisy & Spot books make you happy but your current fave is Hunswick’s Egg by Mem Fox.

You are still in disposable & also cloth nappies. You have started to tell me if you have done a poo. Although you also point to flowers & call them “poo” & I have never found a flower in your nappy ha ha ha. Its possible you make be ready for toilet training in about 6 months but we will wait til your ready. I don’t think I ever will be ready that one…

Kobe you rarely play on your own, instead you rather play with someone. There are times when we go out to catch up with friends & you select someone (an adult) to be your “fun slave” to entertain you. This always results in a tantrum when its time to say goodbye.
In the last month you have really turned a corner with speaking words. While most sentences are dotted with “car” & “truck” you are now repeating words you hear. Some you forget about once repeating & others you know now how to say. Your vocabulary grows daily which is exciting:)
Mama is curious to check out daddy’s genetics contain ape as you are quite the monkey & always climbing climbing climbing. You are very tall for your age? Not sure where this came from? Mailman jokes aside I think your height takes after your poppy but I think you will be tall now but normal later (if that makes sense?!?). You can reach door handles now & love opening them to explore & break anything within reach. This may of triggered your mama’s 2013 resolution of decluttering & simplifying.


Looking forward to what the next 3 months bring my sweet lil man.

Miss G

** I have decided to start writing letters to Kobe every 3 months (filed under category “the mama diaries” to track his progress & development, time just flys by & they grow so fast it’s a way for me to look back & smile at how far he has come)


About figsandtwigs

Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to gracefigsandtwigs@hotmail.com Miss G xx
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