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Singapore: Botanical wonderland

What was I thinking flying solo on a plane with a lil one intow to meet Luke in Singapore? Answer: My desperation of a holiday abroad. I honestly thought that cookies & books would keep the tantrums at bay mid-flight, … Continue reading

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A day in the life of: a photo an hour

Incase anyone wanted to join me on our shenigans on the Australia day public holiday (the actual celebrations fell on a Saturday this year so Monday was the public holiday). I carried my camera around & took a photo an … Continue reading

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My week in snapshots (28)

Well its still damn hot around these parts & unfortunately every creepy crawly known to man has seem to taking refuge in my home (psst… lil creepy crawly spiders, ants & mice the neighbours house is much nicer!). Been feeling … Continue reading

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18 month old update

Dear Kobe (K-bear), Where has the last 18 months gone? It seems like only yesterday I brought you home from the hospital this quiet nap loving baby. How times have changed! Fast forward 18 months and Sleep: You still quite … Continue reading

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My week in snapshots (27)

It was a bittersweet week this week. My sister in law Amy got engaged, my nephew Rory was born, my much missed twin sister Annie returned from Europe but sadly the beloved family dog Gizmo past away. Trying to keep … Continue reading

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Aqwa: Under the sea

Before our Singapore trip we decided to encourage Kobe’s (aka K-bear) new love affair with all things with water. And like some new romances it doesn’t always go smoothly. This was our 3rd attempt at going to AQWA (a giant … Continue reading

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Chalk it up

Well I had been meaning to paint a chalkboard for a while, infact I had the paint all ready & rearing to go for about 6 months before I picked up that paintbrush paint roller ready to go. Im not … Continue reading

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