Chocoholics Anonymous

It’s no secret Im a mad sweet tooth to the chocolate variety. I guess if there is any addiction to have, chocolate would be one of the softer ones. And where do chocoholic’s hang out one might ask? Well the Ye Olde Lolly shoppe in Margaret River ofcourse.

A few silly family photos courtesy of the wooden cut out frames out the front of the lolly shop. I love when places have these silly frames out the front where you can poke your head out & have your photo taken. (Ok there was one time in Singapore many years ago the details are a bit hazy when I stuck my clothed bottom thru for a photo which Im sure if we are honest who hasnt done that?!? That prized photo (ha ha) is going to be snuck into my sister’s luggage when she goes travelling next year, your welcome sis!).

And just like when Carrie enters a Manolo shoe shop, I entered the lolly shop. All timidly at first then once eyeing everything up, running round like a mad woman oohing & aahing over all the freaking delicious chocolately/lolly goodness before deciding on a couple few treats to devour when the little one is asleep. (Yes mean mama doesnt share chocolate Im even known to hide it in the vegetable department of the fridge from partner Mr L…). The lil man did get a small chocolate car & partner Mr L chose some sugar coated cola bottle lollies (which are still sitting untouched?).

My favourite flavour at the moment is Lindt sea salt chocolate= be still my beating heart its so good! I tend to overload then go back to more, Im dreading my next overdue visit to the dentist…

Happy eating!

Miss G



About figsandtwigs

Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to Miss G xx
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