Into the maze we go…

When we were away in Margaret River a few weeks back we decided to visit a real life maze. I have always been curious about them since seeing a picture in my Alice in Wonderland book when I was a little girl. Its safe to say in real life mazes, you dont get chased by giant card people like poor Alice did. I chose Amaze’n gardens & upon entry we were greeted by the chirpiest cashier who assured us of all the adventures we were about to have in the maze in her delightful sing song voice. She even gave us a lord of the rings type map & wished us on our merry way. And so the adventure begins…

Into the maze we go, it really did look simple enough to find the way to the centre, uggh wrong. After stumbling around for a good 15 minutes we were no closer to the centre & everything looked the same. I was starting to think we should of done a hansel & gretel by dropping breadcrumbs to mark our way back. Give & take another 5-ish minutes, Im pretty sure it was me that suggested to take the next turn to find the centre & partner Mr L was the one that suggested we just take the emergency exit out (but the details are hazy ha ha). The view from the top was worth the blisters starting to form by the wooden clogs that I insisted on wearing as their so cute!

After taking the easy way out (emergency exit), we checked out the rest of the gardens. There were a few more tricky garden games set up but it was all too hard to work out. Even K-bear tried to help read the instructions. Partner Mr L was the winner of this hop scotch-looking game (& also the only player hee hee).

I took a few snaps of native flowers & artwork before our tummies grumbled for lunch…

Which led us to Bootleg Brewery. Looks pretty decent doesnt it??? Well… It was such a kick in the belly from going from Amaze’n Gardens with chirpy staff to Bootleg Brewery where it was so blah. I feel so mean saying it but… I asked when we could order lunch & was told 10 minutes so after 20 minutes we tried to order & were sent away for another 10 minutes? Then when my partner tried to order the beer he wanted, the keg had just run out (it was opening time?) & the staff member didnt want to change it over to a new one.

With fake smiles plastered on our faces for the lil ones sake we thought lets not let this one staff member peeve us off.  So we entertained ourselves while waiting to order/& our meals to be served. There’s a kid’s playground at the brewery (& they also get brownie points for having a kid’s menu too). Partner Mr L said he was teaching son K-bear how to play ball the australian way, with a beer in his hand. K-bear wasnt too impressed with his dada’s tipsy teachings & prefered mama’s dizzy wizzy spins. No wonder look how high he gets?!?

Right before our meals were brought out, it friggin started sprinkling. Nothing like rain to add to the ambience:( Im pretty sure the cranky staff member enjoyed watching us frantically grabbing up all our things to move to a table undercover out of the rain just as much as I enjoyed watching him fetch the juice I didnt have any hands left to grab off the table, karma buddy karma.  I dont want to end this on a sour note BUT its definately the last time we come to this brewery, we have come before & it’s been great but this time it left a funny taste in our mouth or it could possibly have been the watery curry that was my lunch:(

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!
Happy travels!

Miss G



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Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to Miss G xx
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