My week in snapshots (16)

My week (from top to bottom)

1. Finished making a pineapple cushion for the lil man. Everyone needs a pineapple cushion. The ultimate fruit!

2. Bookclub at The last drop, Kalamunda. I still havent finished 50 Shades of grey. Time is not my friend. On the upside the guiness pie was yummy.

3. My nephew Mr J graduating from highschool. He is dressed up as a tradesman as “tradies get the ladies”. Hmm it comes down to sense of humour for me. Nice fake moustache Mr J:)

4. Last time the lil man, K-bear will wear this bear suit. He is getting so big, where has the last 15 months gone? No longer a size 1, he is now a size 2. Im so proud of him he is now stringing a couple of sentences along “it’s a car” & “big truck”. (Refusing to say mama, mum, mother… he called me “um” for about a fortnight then stopped…).

5. Seeing Lisa Mitchell at Astor theatre with sister Miss A & nurse friend Miss C. She is so talented & this lightweight was tipsy after my couple of glasses of bubbly, haha.

6. Going to the Spring fair. What a waste of an hour, so bored:( Atleast K-bear had fun fishing for a fish. He won an imitation lego toy.

7. Breakfast catch up with my ex-work friends. Did I mention I quit my job? Too much office politics for me. I am poor but happy. I miss working with Miss D & Miss K. I look forward to our monthly gossip catchups.

8. Piggy backs on daddy for K-bear. It’s so funny to watch hee hee. We had a lovely day feeding the ducks at the pond, eating ice-cream (well just me no one else wanted one?), & making sand castles at the beach. I love days where we didnt have to be anywhere & could do whatever.

9. My secondhand finds. A bee helmet for K-bear, we have plans to go bike riding soon. More Dr Seus books. Plants for my kitchen counter & an outside table for the courtyard.

Hope your week was fabulous!

Miss G



About figsandtwigs

Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to Miss G xx
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