Lessons from a 1st birthday party…

On Sunday, we got to celebrate my son’s 1st birthday party. What a lovely party it turned out to be with so many friends & family to help celebrate K-bear’s 1st birthday. Sure he didnt have a clue why everyone kept saying “Happy birthday” to him or why they kept giving  him things wrapped up in glorious crunchy paper. Nonetheless a fun time was had by all. Plus I learnt many a lessons for next year.

  • If your picking a theme or dress-up, let your guests know well in advance so they have time to find a costume.
  • Not all kids will happily dress up. Sometimes it’s not worth the tantrum to get them into a cutesy costume. (Sidenote: I managed to get K-bear into his batman onesie, YAY! Just had to forgo the mask)
  • If it is a costume theme, is there any old clothes you can upcycle to use as part of the costume? I cut up an old frumpy skirt to make a mask, I wish I thought to do a cape too.
  • Set up a kid’s play area with toys to entertain. Sure 7/10 will use it while the rest run of to do their own thing (sneaking off to the tables to eat the yummy treats).

  • You will always have heaps of party food left over. We had 4 trestle tables bursting of food & I was stressing it wasnt enough to feed 50 people. Hence my sister Miss M took some home for her dog but there was still plenty leftover & I will be eating party food for the next few days. Pretty soon I will be resembling a cupcake…
  • You always go overboard with the 1st birthday. It was full on with so many people. We had 4 groups spread out in every corner, each of our families & each of our sets of friends. It was hard to get around to socialize with everyone. Next year we taking it down a notch & going to have a small gathering.
  • Plan, plan, plan. Plan what you will be needing; food, drink, straws, ice, chairs, decorations, cleaning the night before, etc. Whatever you can prepare the night before, do it. I cut up all the fruit platters & cheese platters the night before plus all the baking.
  • Accept that sometimes not everything will go to plan:( I had my heart set on buying a large sponge slab so I could make a spiderman cake but there was none left at the shops so I had to make mini cupcakes of spiderman. It took forever to bake, ice & decorate them that I didnt have time to make the ninja turtle cake pops I so wanted to make. Next year I will order a sponge cake on the day before.

  • You will be oohing & aahing over the gifts while the lil one happily plays with the crunchy paper.
  • Ask a family member or friend to take photos. I only have a handful of photos to show for it however K-bear’s 3rd grandma managed to take some for us. Bless her, Miss M.S your a star*
  • If anyone offers to help, dont be embarassed to take it if you need it. We had family members blow up balloons (which is good because they scare me as they pop so easily), set up chairs & trestle tables, make food & clean.
  • Have 2 bins, one for general rubbish & one for recycling. Did you know that lolly wrappers & potato chip packets can be recycled? Our planet will thank you:)
  • Sit back once it’s all over & realise you all did a great job

Who is the masked lil superhero? 🙂

Miss G



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Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to gracefigsandtwigs@hotmail.com Miss G xx
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