Sweet dreams are made of these

Its been an interesting few days with my lil one refusing to go to bed at his normal time of 5.30pm & hanging to stay up later. (And here I thought I wouldnt have to deal with tantys (tantrums) over staying up late til his tweens). So I thought what a good time to update his bedding, well bedsheets to make it more comfortable. Now K-bear usually has boring white bedsheets up until now as he has previously been a puker & would upchuck vomit on the odd occasion but that faze has happily past so its time to inject some colour into his cot now that it wont be stained with yellow vomit.

So I wandered into my local fabric store & couldnt go past this cute ladybug fabric suitable for a boy or girl. According to the world wide net, ladybugs are a good omen & represent luck, and I need some luck to get my lil man to bed. So I took my fabric up to the counter got it measured & cut & off merrily home we went. Now time to make some fabulous cot sheets.

Things needed 

  • Gorgeous fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Tailors chalk
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Elastic
  • Large safety pin
  • Sewing & overlocker machine

1. Place the fabric on the cot mattress (sidenote: the cot mattress K-bear has is oval in shape so my instructions are to suit that). Taking into account the depth of the mattress I added 20cms around the mattress & drew a line with tailors chalk around it.

To get the right curve shape of the oval, I moved the mattress up to the tailored chalk line to perfect the curve. Once I did this for all corners, I cut out the oval.

2. Overlock the edges of the fabric.

3. At each oval corner using a very loose stitch length sew a straight line for the whole edge of the corner about 2cms away from the edge.

4. Place a pin at the end of the straight line stitch & tie the thread around the pin in a secure figure 8 a couple times. At the other end of the stitching, slowly pull the top thread along so that the stitching appears ruched, keep pulling until you have a decent curve. (I did this step to prevent getting pucks in my stitching later on). Then secure this end of the stitching with a figure 8 around the pin. Sew over the ruching to reinforce the stitching.

5. As I used 1.8cm width elastic, I had a casing of 2.5cm which I found suitable to thread the elastic through. Pin the corner of the fabric over 3cms the whole way round the outer edge to form the casing.

6.Leave a 10cm gap (to thread the elastic through) & sew 2.5cms around the whole outer edge of the fabric.

7. Mark your elastic on the same side, top & bottom so you dont get it tangled while threading it through & end up with twisted elastic. (The mattress was 3.5m around the edge & I used 2m of elastic for the casing). I pierced the top of the elastic which I am going to thread through the casing with a large safety pin (the larger the better as you will have less chance of losing it while threading it through). The other end I left out I tied in a large loose knot which I held in my knees (weird yes but I didnt want to risk accidentally pulling it through). Thread through the elastic & join it together by stitching it. Then stitch the 10cm opening shut.

And celebrate!!!

I feel a good night’s sleep coming on…

… I still had a tanty (tantrum) to deal with before bed but eventually K-bear was deep in sleep & dreaming of catching ladybugs in meadows no doubt.

Sweet dreams

Miss G



About figsandtwigs

Hi Im Grace (Miss G). Proud mama to a beautiful boy Kobe. This is my corner where I share a mish mash of motherhood, fashion, craft, travel & all the random thoughts swirling in my head. Thanks for stopping by. Email love letters & queries to gracefigsandtwigs@hotmail.com Miss G xx
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