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My week in snapshots (3)

A few snapshots of my week 1. Thinking its time for another picnic to Araleun Botanical gardens (Western Australia) after coming across this photo of our last picnic there. I will be sharing some photos over the next few days, … Continue reading

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In my Zen zone

Everybody needs a place where they can chill out when times are tough even if its only for 5 minutes. So I decided I needed such a place, a little sanctuary in my home. So where better than my courtyard. … Continue reading

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Winter festival

Living in Western Australia means we never get to see snow or ice as we are never cold enough so last weekend we jumped at the chance to see an outdoor ice rinkĀ at The Winter Festival at Fremantle’s esplanade. At … Continue reading

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Pastry Queen

I wish I was born with a skill which would then define a career path for me, I still dont know what Im born to do. Yet I somehow ended up in loss prevention. My good friend pastry queen Miss … Continue reading

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My week in snapshots (2)

A few snapshots from my week (From top to bottom) 1. A few days of rain. Plus a bit of cabin fever stuck indoors:( 2. Ice skating at Fremantle’s (Western Australia) winter festival. 3. Seeing “Much ado about nothing” at … Continue reading

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90’s teenager

I have fond memories of being a teenager of the 90’s. Posters of Hanson lined my walls, hypercolour shirts (you know those tye-dyed looking shirts that changed colour with body temperature), fluro slouchy socks (???), wanting to be Alicia Silverstone … Continue reading

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Fabulous spiderman cupcakes

I made these spiderman cupcakes for my 1 year old son’s first birthday. Originally I was going to have a spiderman cake but there wasnt a large enough sponge cake slab at the supermarket so I made cupcakes instead. Things … Continue reading

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