This week Im accepting being a sh1tty friend by cancelling & rescheduling plans while being an awesome mama tending to a sick little boy who has tonsilitis:(
Other happenings…


*Picking wildflowers.

creche gifts

*Gifts for the lovely carers at creche who looked after a distraught Kobe for a couple hours for 3 days. Wasnt an easy job but they were fantastic!!!

puzzle 1

puzzle 2

*I picked up some thrifted puzzles for Kobe, we had a mini picnic out the front with milkshakes one sunny afternoon. I love how he is sitting crossed legged holding his milkshake (which was later spilt along with mine…).


*Making apple & strawberry crumble.

honeycomb brulee

*Found the best cake shop & ate delicious honeycomb brulee.


*The first bunch of beans from the garden. Mincing these up in pork rissoles.


*Trying to save money by borrowing magazines & dvds from the library. We need to talk about Kevin was so darn creepy & every mum’s worst nightmare having a sociopath as a son, terrific casting thou.


*Dog sitting. Bob is “helping” me sort out toys.

hula hoops

*Fun in the sun with hula hoops.

Happy Friday friends!

Miss G

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Fantastic faraway flower festival

faraway tree

I love it when the universe lines up something special, glorious sunny weather & a fantastic flower festival to boot. Kings park festival to be exact. Over the month of September, Kings Park is filled with events celebrating wildflowers; from taking care of native plants, plant sales, wildflower walks, birdwalks, concerts & plenty more. This year marks its 50th anniversary & our first time attending.

walking flowers

more walking flowers

Families mark this in your diary you def don’t want to miss the Fantastic Faraway Festival. We didn’t get to see everything (Mr balloon man Im so getting me, ahem Kobe a flower twisted balloon next year) ; but Kobe did paint a fairy rock & swing hula hoops in the enchanted fairyland, more painting plastic flowers (cleverly reusing the bottoms of soft drinks bottles), chasing the fish kites, exploring the maze & last of all crying when mama wanted a photo op with the giant walking flowers.

flower power


painting flowers

Happy Wednesday friends!

Miss G

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Welkin NYC

Welkin NYC

It takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams, I myself are slowly creeping towards my goal of opening my own online shop. Its been a dream long held & the timing is finally right. Which brings me to 2 lovely New York mummy bloggers who are following their dreams too; Latonya & Belle have collaborated on the cutest children clothing line of sustainable, unisex & super funky clothes. Virtual high fives to these mamas!
Every business needs some start up capital & if you are interested in helping these mama’s succeed. Please pledge to their Kickstarter campaign here if you can. Their video of their kids rocking out & dancing wearing pieces of their line is so freaking a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! Plus you can hear more of what they are about. And if you havent checked out their blogs before your missing out, Im such a fan of both:)

Happy Saturday friends!

Miss G

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Eating cake: Green & Co

Glorious cake

Somebody pinch me to make sure Im not dreaming as I stumble into cake heaven Greens & Co in Leederville. Favoured by the sugar crazed, cake lovers & those pms strickened.

Green & Co

Lanterns adorn the roof & concert posters paper the walls. My fave is the vintage toys which hang on shelves behind the counter or the Tonka trucks high above the games area (yes they have pool tables to entertain & even those machines where you can win a toy navigating the crane handle). I didn’t see any high chairs for the lil ones but there are plenty of low couches. I also didn’t see a menu if they had anything on offer other than cake & coffee. All I saw was that gigantic display cabinet of cake.

Those on a diet & dietabetics turn away now, the following dreamy images of cake may offend…


Delicious cakes

So many cakes to ogle over; tiramisu, lime brulee, chocolate honeycomb, honeycomb brulee, rhubarb raspberry tart, chocolate marquise, lemon meringue pie, picnic cheesecake to name a few. Making a decision on just one piece of cake was hard so my friend Clare & I ordered a slice of honeycomb brulee & peach crumble & shared. Simply divine!!!

chocolate cakes

I came here on a mate date on a weekend night with friend Clare & over cake we people watched (I love guessing where everyone is heading afterwards or is it’s a couple’s first date) & did girl talk. I have known Clare since we were introduced by a mutual friend straight after highschool. We have completely different lives her as a nurse & me a stay at home mum but whenever we meet its never a dull moment as we talk a mile a minute. It seems we both want a career change. Her as a midwife & me I would love to open an online store. I even signed up to a Tafe course to learn the basics & hopefully next year I can take the tentative step to actually do it. My dream is to be my own boss (working my own hours around motherhood) selling wares I fully love. Its gonna be super hard but Im looking forward to the next chapter of my career doing something Im passionate about.

Whats your dream & are you taking baby steps to get there like me or diving in head first?

Happy Wednesday friends!

Miss G

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Polka dot vintage markets

Polka dot vintage markets

I love anything that screams retro & vintage that’s why I absolutely jumped at the chance at my friends Helens invite to the thrice yearly Polka Dot vintage market a few weeks (& then some) back. That & the last chance to see a heavily pregnant but glowing mummy to be Rach (she since has given birth to beautiful Spencer). Anyhow Polka Dot vintage market is a 3 in 1 market showcasing the best of vintage clothes, retro collectibles & craft. We went on the last day which meant lots was discounted for a quick sale.

Retro kids stuff

I flocked to the collectible market first in the hope to pick up a Sue puppet to match Kobe’s much beloved Sooty (Of Sooty, Sweep & Sue) puppet. But nope nothing. I did walk away with a bright yellow poodle knitted teapot caddy or what I thought was a teapot caddy but turned out to be a toilet roll holder hee hee.

Vintage beauties

Retro cookie jars

A quick zip thru the craft stalls& leaving my co-shoppers behind lingering over handmade goodies landed me smack bang in Vintage clothes galore. I had zero intention to buy anything I just wanted to drink in the glorious clothes/trinkets around me.

However I was naughty & bought a glorious peach jumper & bunny sunglasses. Just because…

Happy Tuesday friends!

Miss G

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What an interesting couple weeks it has been behind the scenes of Figsandtwigs in real life. A few sneak peaks…


*So not jealous of sister Annie’s travels abroad in Greece, ok just a teensy bit.

Ellery PFF show

Ellery showbag

#Attending the closing show of Perth fashion festival 2014 Ellery. Complete with champers, stalking Perth socialites, missing an egg that got thrown by some idiot from a passing car into the waiting crowd, looking in the goodie bag & some shameful photobombing by yours truly-ha!

Dress ups

Pirate sooty

*I started a dress up box for Kobe to encourage some creativity. Even daddy & Sooty (the pirate bear) got in on the action. & no Luke doesnt know I posted this photo of him wearing the silly mask hee hee.

Sootys's caravanning

*Sooty’s going on a caravan roadtrip.


*Kobe explaining that these 2 out of his Waiting for Sunday storybook is actually his cousins, Molly & Rory. When we told Molly this she replied “I have funny hair”. Sweet things kids say.

Craft time

*The closest to craft time I get lately, craft mags & a tiny bit of pom pom making.

Election day has come & gone & still not sure what to think about Tony Abbott as the new prime minister I was more excited about what his daughters wore on election night.

Also can someone tell Madonna to take those scary teeth grills out already?

Happy Thursday friends!

Miss G

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Spring into florals


Spring has finally sprung & the sun gods have answered my prayers for just one day of sunshine between many days of rain. So Luke & I headed out to the great outdoors where there was bright colours & a nearby park for Kobe to run off his bounty of crazy energy (with plenty of feral bins for Kobe to check, his new fetish. Cant wait til he grows out of this phase, I look like the scary bin lady lifting the lids on bins so he can peek inside to let me know if full or empty).


Anyhow Im loving all the floral pants out at the moment & have been dreaming about the perfect pair for many months now. I love these Piper ones & these Ann Taylor ones but settled on these Princess highway florals (these florals even come in a cute dress). Im crushing on flowers in purple, pink & red. Love love love. That & the fact I finally found a pair that fit my tiny frame, ok so they are just the right length so I cant wear them with heels but I rarely wear heels so eh.

Floral outfit

Pants/Princess Highway, Top/Thrifted bodysuit, Shoes/Thrifted, Bangles/Thrifted, & Nail polish/Maybelline Sequins.


Photo op

Its hard to take photos with this cheeky little monkey child of mine running around at full speed, crawling thru any gaps, asking for dizzy wizzys, climbing walls he shouldn’t be plus he woke up in the foulest mood so I count my lucky stars that it was the weekend & I could share his foul mood with daddy. Today Luke baffled me saying he had never seen Kobe in the mood like he was in, you cant tell by the photos but he was sulking/screaming over e.v.e.r.y little thing. Ping ponging to & fro from cuddly lil bear to angry bear the next nano second. Welcome to the terrible 2’s darling! This week, Kobe even started snatching toys back from other kids & pushing, my shy child is not such a scaredy cat anymore… But Im not worrying about things like that today, I simple enjoyed basking in the sunshine rocking these fabulous florals with this sweet family of mine.

Glitter nail polish

Happy Sunday friends!

Miss G

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